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COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers 2024 Global Partner Conference Held; Aimed to Share a Smarter and Greener Future

April 1, 2024
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COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers 2024 Global Partner Conference Held, Aimed to Share a Smarter and Greener Future

Guangzhou - On March 28, 2024 COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Global Partner Conference took place in Guangzhou. With the theme of “Navigated by Smarter Feature, Share a Greener Future”, the conference aims to collaborate with global partners in effectively addressing the new wave of industrial transformation, exploring future trends in the shipping logistics industry, fostering new quality productive forces, and accelerating digitalization, sustainability, and low-carbon transition. 

At the morning session, Executive Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING Mr. Lin Ji stressed in his speech that the world is currently witnessing a period of great changes unseen in a century. As a foundational and supportive industry for global economic prosperity, shipping logistics must follow future trends, take initiative, and demonstrate its responsibility towards the times. He called on global partners to uphold the new banner of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, fostering a new pattern of collaborative product innovation, taking concerted efforts to stabilize supply chains, creating a business ecosystem featuring resource co-construction, and expanding the application of green science and technology to embark on a shared journey of success.

In his keynote address, President of COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Mr. Huang Nan highlighted the company’s accomplishments over the past year in enhancing full-chain collaboration, hastening the digital, intelligent, green, and low-carbon transformation, and propelling the shipping industry’s sustainable development. He expressed anticipation for further deepening collaboration with partners along the global industrial chain, advancing digital, intelligent, and green transformation and development, jointly building an innovative partner ecosystem, and shaping a new shipping and logistics ecosystem.

COSCO SHIPPING Specialized, in collaboration with its partners, proposed the Green and Low-Carbon Development Initiative, a collective endeavor aimed at fostering green and low-carbon development. The initiative advocates for the establishment of a sustainable shipping system by all stakeholders, as well as a collaborative effort to drive the green transformation across the industrial chain.

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