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Wan Hai Lines holds Ship Naming Ceremony for New Vessel “WAN HAI 335”

November 30, 2023
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Wan Hai Lines holds Ship Naming Ceremony for New Vessel “WAN HAI 335”

Taipei, Nov. 29, 2023 – Wan Hai Lines held ship naming ceremony for WAN HAI 335 today (November 29) at CSBC Corporation, Taiwan. The ship naming ceremony was jointly hosted by Mr. Chien-Feng Wu, Vice President of Wan Hai Lines and Mr. Cheng-Tzu Wei, President of CSBC Corporation, Taiwan. We were delighted to invite Mr. Jeffrey Yu, President of Keary Global Group, Ltd. to attend the ceremony, and Ms. Sandy Sung, Vice President of Keary Global Group, Ltd. named WAN HAI 335 during the ceremony. WAN HAI 335 is the last vessel in the series of 3,000 TEU containerships built by CSBC Corporation, Taiwan. The new 3,000 TEU series is equipped with full balanced rudder with twisted leading edge and asymmetry rudder bulb, as well as Sea Sword Bow(SSB) which helps to reduce water resistance on ship and achieve the highest level of requirement for EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) phase III in advance.

By installing Part load tuning and EGB(Exhaust Gas Bypass)system, Wan Hai Lines aims to save energy and reduce carbon emission by having the latest environmental protection equipment. The new vessel is designed with an overall length of 209.8 meters, a breadth of 32.8 meters, a draft of 11.2 meters and a maximum cruising speed of 20.2 knots. On safety aspect, the 3,000 TEU series have obtained "SMART(INF)" certification which uses various monitoring system and communication equipment to collect data on the voyage and equipment operation. The ship design also meets the requirements of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Class for CSC and CLP-V notation. It is also equipped with lashing bridge on deck to resist rough weather and strengthen the ship’s stability in order to provide the safest container transportation service. This series of ships perform well in terms of speed, fuel consumption, and safety. WAN HAI 335 will be deployed in Asia trade service after delivery. With the completion and delivery of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient "Smart Ships" that meet carbon reduction goals, Wan Hai Lines will continue to uphold the mission of “We Carry We Care”. Through our persistent commitment to carbon reduction and sustainability goals, we hope to deliver customers with high-quality and comprehensive container transportation services.

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