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Milaha participates in “Breakbulk Middle East 2024” Conference in Dubai, UAE

February 22, 2024
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Milaha participates in “Breakbulk Middle East 2024” Conference in Dubai, UAE

Doha – Qatar Navigation Q.P.S.C. ("Milaha"), the industry-leading provider of maritime and logistics solutions in Qatar has participatedin the "Breakbulk Middle East 2024" conference held in Dubai, UAE to discuss the shipping issues of breakbulk cargo, logistics ingenious solutions, and identifying the latest strategies to confront challenges facing the giant projects’ logistics and the shipping of breakbulk cargo industry in Middle East. 

The Breakbulk Middle East Exhibition, which was organized at Dubai World Trade Centreis one of the leading international business events where latest logistics ideas and relevant innovative solutions were exchanged to enhance break bulk cargo shipping, cooperation, and coordination in the field of the logistics industry, facilitation of the cargo transportation and discussion of challenges and how to address them.

The exhibition represents a fantastic opportunity for Milaha to widen the scope of business, open new horizons of commercial cooperation, and establish profitable partnerships with other logistics and transportation companies. 

The Breakbulk Middle East is one of the important international business platforms where several logistics industry experts, breakbulk professionals, and manufacturers of heavy lift equipment have met to exchange views, expertise, and issues related to logistics and cargo transportation.

During Milaha’s participation in the Exhibition, the visitors got acquainted with the latest developments in heavy-lifting equipment, giant projects technologies, solutions for breakbulk cargos,advanced logistics equipment, projects’ logistics, and cargo transportation systems.

Milaha regularly participates in such important international and regional maritime and logistics conferences, particularly in the editions of “Breakbulk Middle East Exhibitions” to keep up-to-date with developments in the logistics industry, identify the most advanced heavy lifting equipment, and get acquainted with sustainable transportation projects to improve services to meet customers’ future needs.

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