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Asyad Group Showcases Sustainability Initiatives as Oman Sustainability Week's Strategic Partner

May 2, 2024
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Asyad Group Showcases Sustainability Initiatives as Oman Sustainability Week's Strategic Partner

Muscat - Asyad Group, Oman's premier integrated logistics provider, showcased its unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation at the Oman Sustainability Week (OSW) 2024. As a strategic partner, Asyad Group reinforced its role in spearheading Oman’s sustainable logistics sector inline with national priorities.

Asyad Group’s participation was marked by signing a collaboration program with the wave energy technology pioneer HAVKRAFT to harness Oman’s unique marine landscapes for wave power. Committed to integrating renewable energy solutions into Asyad’s operations, HAVKRAFT’s nearshore wave power plants, designed for harsh marine conditions, will provide a sustainable and reliable source of power for a greener Oman.

Advario Terminals Company also joined the SOHAR Port and Freezone Net Zero Alliance (SNZA), a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to accelerating Oman's transition towards carbon neutrality by 2050. The alliance perfectly aligns with the Government of Oman’s ambitious goal of achieving ‘2050 Net Zero Commitment’. Since its launch in November 2023, the alliance has served as a platform for collaboration, innovation, and collective action, demonstrating our shared commitment to building a more sustainable future.

During OSW, Asyad highlighted its significant sustainability projects, including the National Green Hydrogen Refueling Station Pilot Project and the Green Fuel Bunkering Hub. These initiatives aim to revolutionize the logistics and energy sectors, driving sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

In addition, Mohsin Alrustom, Group Chief Financial Officer at Asyad Group, participated in a panel discussion titled “The trifecta: green finance, responsible investment and transition” during which he addressed the role of governments in strengthening capital markets and developing standard and transparent reporting mechanisms. Alrustom also shed light on the new instruments that can aid to further advance sustainability efforts in light of Asyad Group’s experience and mandate.

On the participation, Essam Al Sheibany, Sustainability Vice President, at Asyad Group, said, "OSW was instrumental in showcasing our leadership in sustainability, highlighting our innovations and cutting-edge technologies to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses. The various discussions and panels provided us with a platform to challenge, discuss and share insights with like-minded peers and industry experts on the roadmap to sustainable industries.”

Asyad Group is making significant strides in environmental sustainability, as demonstrated by its recent showcase of advanced environmental monitoring systems and energy transition frameworks. These efforts are part of Asyad’s broader strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance biodiversity through projects like the artificial reef at SOHAR Port. By investing in green energy production and state-of-the-art logistics solutions, Asyad is not only minimizing its environmental impact but also promoting a circular economy, which is a critical component of sustainable development.

Asyad’s sustainability initiatives received the OSW ESG Award, recognizing its exceptional ESG frameworks and dedication to sustainability practices. Additionally the group’s strategic partner, Mawasalat, was honored with the OSW Future Mobility Award 2024 for its outstanding contributions to sustainable transport initiatives. This recognition further solidifies Asyad Group’s position as a leader in driving environmental responsibility and sustainable development in Oman.

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