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Anticipate Railways to be focused on reducing dependency on Roads : Rajesh Mehta, ED - Liladhar Pasoo Group

January 31, 2024
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Rajesh Mehta Supply Chain Professional || Business Strategy - Global Network Development - Liladhar Pasoo

Mumbai – Mr. Rajesh Mehta, Executive Director of, Liladhar Pasoo Group. (End to End Supply Chain & Freight Forwarding) listed out the following expectations from the upcoming budget:
We anticipate railways to be focused on reducing the dependency on roads.

  • Efficiency to be gained through increased speed of 50kms /hours from 25kms / hour
  • Innovation in express transportation is needed to support e-commerce volume.
  • Coastal and waterways development will continue.
  • Logistics Park to replace ICD and CFS over a period to make an ecosystem for MSME manufacturers and general trade.
  • Dedicated road corridors to promote industrial belt linkages and faster movement of goods from produce to markets.
  • We are still away from calling India logistically seamlessly integrated. The same is to be fastened across different govt departments and stakeholders.
  • Skill development to be part of the curriculum since the pace at which manufacturing is set to grow and support functions like logistics and supply chain as per best practice will only add more demand on skill sharpening, training, and attracting talents to this industry.
  • MEC will be the game changer once the geopolitical situation improves, it will reduce India's dependency on the Suez Canal though will need to address many complex challenges.
  • Soft infra providers to be awarded infrastructure status or similar benefits to maintain the expectation of the trade and global supply chain while reducing the cost of operations.
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